Since 2009 the Master 221 has organized, jointly with EY Legal, the Client Service Tax Game. This competition was created for the Master’s students and involves finding solutions for the tax management of large companies (mainly from the CAC 40 index). The students use the skills they learnt during the course (such as financial analysis) and from public sources such the financial press and the annual reports of the companies offer tailor-made tax advice. The 2015 edition of this competition will give students the chance to visit the premises of Dassault Systèmes, ask the tax and finance team questions and then present their recommendations to Dassault Systèmes’s Tax Team for the competition’s finals to be held at Tour First in La Defense, Paris.

During the year students will be prepared for the event and offered professional development training at the offices of EY Legal Services (Société d’Avocats), taken by Stéphane Baller, a Partner at EY. Leading up to the Client Service Tax Game competition the students are randomly separated into teams in order to prepare their strategy for their pitch to Dassault Systèmes’ tax team.

The Client Service Tax Game takes place over following stages:

1. The students are given a presentation of the company by its Tax Director.

2. Each team has the opportunity to interview the tax director to go into more depth about points that they consider relevant from their presentation.

3. Each team then gets to work on the presentation to offer their view of the optimal tax structure for the group.

4. The students then present their findings to the jury made up the Tax Director of the company, the tax directors from the previous years and the members of the Master’s development council.

Sodexo Group

Danone Group

Dassault Systèmes Group

L’Oréal Group

Schneider Electric Group

SNCF Group